Grateful Steps Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization with the following mission:

  • Publish voices that might otherwise not get heard
  • Expand interfaith and multi-cultural conversation in Western North Carolina
  • Support economic development and social enterprise
  • Provide high-quality books and e-books that further the causes of other non-profit organizations

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We are very grateful for any help you can extend, and we are happy to include you in our family with the following generous donors who have helped us so far:

Readers ($5.00-$24.00):

Richard Jordan, Grace Shahrokh, Steven Turner, Robert Tate, Joan Grant, John Spitzberg, Suzanne Cole, Hal Littleton, Jackson Allison, Jr., John Lawerence, Jr., Dr. Don Godbold, Richard Walton, Dr. Barbara Herjanic, Carl E. Walburgh

Supporters ($25.00-$99.00)

Marilou Collin, John Pierce, John and Elly Anderson, Edward Cabaniss, Sarah Altman, Leonard Bernstein, Thorton Hawkins, Margaret Herrmann, Peter Olevnik, Mary Thames, Lynda Taylor, Pamela Hinson, George Long, Lisa Alcorn, Irisha Pomerantzeff, Diana Jurss, Sherri Free, Patricia Mcaleavy, Marsha Lookwood, Robbie Williams, L. M. Vazquez, Tom and Michele Scheve, Shirley Dobbs, Tena Frank, Gail Heller, Amy Tiller, Andrea Clark, Earl Surratt, Dr. James E. Weilbaecher, Jr, Ron Godlbold, MD

Friends ($100.00-$499.00)

Doug Gibson, Anne Frick, Patricia Keever, Dr. and Mrs. Harold Schutte, Sandra Krecioh, Mr. and Mrs. John Souma, Jacqueline Painter, Mary Byrd, Vicki Blake, Evan Williams, Sallie Parker, Cindy Kinser, Larry Morgan, Anonymous, Marvin Cole, Nancy Dillingham, Marcia Spencer, Marianne Kilkenny, Tom and Kristy Griep, Pat Collins, Carole Kendig, Suzanne Blievernicht, Barbara Sain, Barbie Angell,
Tressa’s, Hal Mahan, Anne Burns Harris, Janice Boerner, Angela Gillison, The Hop Ice Cream Cafe, Barbara Patrick, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Shermis, Nan Poplin, Susan Reinhardt, Dr. Todd and Dr. Ellie Cross, Suzanne Kline, Margaret Hermann, Steve and Cindy Oak, Mary Pitts, Joanie Dickson, Jon Elliston, Les Love, Paul Taylor, Margaret H. Fouse, William A. Stanley, Mary Squire, Catherine Lawerence

Enthusiasts ($500.00-$999.00)

Chris Dalton, Anonymous, Diane Gregg, Peter Graffagnino

Sustainers ($999.00-$4999.00)

Dr. and Mrs. Stan Dalton, Alan Marshall, Anonymous, Maureen Tedesco,
Charlotte Street Computers, Milo Cabaniss, Challis Surles, Elizabeth Pace, Olson Huff, Tom Eutsler, Dale Stacy, Roberta Rice, Lynda Taylor, Anonymous, Wayne Cox, Thomas Graffagnino, Robert Graffagnino, Anonymous, Prader Willi Syndrome Association, Jack Thomas

Major Donors ($5000.00 and more)

Micki Cabaniss Eutsler, WNC Medical Society, Connie Scotchie

Donations designated for particular books

The Season of Light
Celia Miles, Margaret Henderson, Patricia Mcaleavy

The Asheville Art Book, Ground Floor Sponsors

Patsy Keever, Micki Cabaniss, Barbara Sain, Anonymous, Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Cox, Sarah Altman, Marvin Cole, Mr. & Mrs. Glen Taylor, Mary Byrd, Carol Anders

To Donate

Please mail a check or money order, payable to Grateful Steps Foundation, to our address below, or you can securely make your donation via PayPal at our website, To use a credit card, please call us at 828 277-0998. We will keep your information safe. Please consider a monthly gift through your local bank or credit union to be categorized based on the yearly total. Know that whatever you can offer, we are grateful.

Grateful Steps Foundation is a North Carolina nonprofit corporation which was incorporated November 1, 2011. The Foundation is in the process of applying for recognition as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization with the Internal Revenue Service. The Foundation’s approval as a 501(c)(3) organization will be effective as of November 1, 2011 and all donations made after that date will be entitled to charitable contribution deductions for tax purposes in the normal course.

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Major Donor:
Send a gift of $5,000 or more. Your name, company and logo will appear on the first page of our website and you will receive both Look Up Asheville and Look Up Asheville, Collection II, books as a gift, as well as a personally guided tour of the city and its unique architecture with author Laura Hope-Gill.