2014 Short Story Contest.

Bits of Sugar and Other Stories, the 2014 Short Story Contest Book, is now in the works.
The winners of the 2014 short story contest:

1st Place:
Bits of Sugar Grey Wolfe LaJoie
2nd Place: Enough to Snow Spencer Stevens

Honorable Mentions:

Golden Years Joe Salazzo
I’ll Fly Away Robin Gaiser
No Light Evan Williams
The Best Shot Bernie Brown
The Glass Keys Heath Towson
The Surprise Visit Denise Ostler
Two-Thirty-Nine Jan Fisher

2013 Short Story Contest

1st Place: The Cricket Joe Sallazo*
2nd Place: Just My Imagination Holly Simms
The rest of the top ten entries are below in alphabetical order by the author's last name. Actually, there were eleven winners because there was a tie for one of the places.

Transforming the Reign of Terror Patricia Lynn Collins*
On Top of the World at 200' Below Sam Conviser
Doorways Robin Russell Gaiser*
The Empty Books Gail Heller
"Just Another Nigger" Harold Littleton
Lighten the Load Marci Spencer*
Moon Boy Spencer Stevens
House Robert Tate*
Seventy-Two Evan Williams

2012 Short Story Contest

Click on the link below to download the 2012 Short Story book.

Drowning Allison and Other Short Stories
Drowning Allison and Other Short Stories (Kindle Version)