Micki Cabaniss

Born: Hallstead, PA
Grew up: Bainbridge, NY
College: Houghton, NY
Medical School: SUNY, Upstate Medical School, Syracuse, NY, 1965 graduation
Obstetrics Gynecology residency at SUNY, Syracuse followed by a fellowship in medical endocrinology with focus on high risk pregnancy (before the subspecialties were created in Ob-Gyn). Board certified in Maternal-Fetal Medicine 1981.
Hobbies: music, pets, plants, puzzles

Practiced medicine 7-1-1970 until 6-30-2004, including attaining full professorship at the University of South Alabama Medical School Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, training maternal-fetal medicine postgraduate fellows. At the conclusion of her 43-year medical career, she was an obstetrical subspecialist in maternal-fetal medicine in private practice in Asheville, North Carolina, having worked as a faculty member in the MAHEC obstetrics-gynecology residency program for seven years after first arriving in Asheville from the Gulf Coast. Throughout her post-fellowship career her major interests were fetal monitoring interpretation and rural medicine.

In her retirement, she started a new business, Grateful Steps, Inc., a traditional publishing company with a bookshop in downtown Asheville. Grateful Steps became a nonprofit company, Grateful Steps Foundation, 11-1-11 with a 501c3 granted 4-2013.

She authored
Fetal Monitoring Interpretation (1993 JP Lippincott) and in 2010 co-authored the second edition with Michael G. Ross, MD, MPH, Chairman of Obstetrics and Gynecology at UCLA Torrance, CA).

Micki is mother of a son, John Souma, an Annapolis graduate and ex-F14D fighter plane Reo. Before retirement, he was a Commander in the naval reserves and employed by the US Navy as a simulator expert. She is mother of a daughter, Michele Scheve, former publisher of
The Asheville Disclaimer, a popular page in Mountain Xpress. Micki's 15-year-old grandchild, Zoe Scheve, is a survivor of a 25.5-week preterm birth. During the baby's fight for survival under the incredible care of the clinical team in Mission's newborn intensive care nursery, the baby's mother, Michele Scheve, underwent bilateral brain surgeries at Stanford University for a rare condition: Moya-Moya syndrome. Both the baby and Michele are fantastic today. Michele is producer of "Slice of Life," a popular comedy show at the Orange Peel and Pulp. Micki has four other grandchildren--Leacy Michelle, Stella Maris, John Montgomery and Bianca Roselle--children of John and his wife, Shannon. She also has a stepson, Dan Cabaniss in GA and a stepdaughter, Kristi Eutsler in NC. step-grandchildren: A step-daughter, Sarah Cabaniss, lives in GA.

Micki's humanitarian interest was focused for many years in board and committee service in the National Perinatal Association, an advocacy organization for the health of mothers and infants. Dr. Cabaniss served as President of the Association's Board of Directors 1988-1990.

Micki attends Central United Methodist Church in Asheville and worked actively on a project with other volunteers to obtain a multidisciplinary chapel at Craggy Minimum Security Unit. On Memorial Day weekend in 2015, the chapel was completed.

A victim of childhood chronic sexual abuse within an extremely fundamentally religious home, Micki is committed to sharing her journey of recovery and rediscovery of Christianity with abuse survivors. Grateful Steps prioritizes books that may have a role in healing for survivors and curbing sexual abuse of children through information sharing.