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Grateful Steps' May-July Fundraiser is a Silent Auction of Fine Art

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Grateful Steps author Paul Taylor is the visionary for and the coordinator of a very promising fundraiser. It is underway now! The event will to be conducted 15 May to 30 July at Grateful Steps.

Follow this link to view the artwork and place bids online. Please check back before the auction ends to see if you have been outbid!

At 5:00 p.m. local time on July 30, 2016, the auction will end. Each successful bidder will have ten days to pay the final bid price for the art and collect his or her art piece(s). Any unsold art will be offered back to the donor for pick-up, or can be donated to Goodwill, Habitat, or other suitable charities.

Pictured here are some of the art pieces that have already been brought in. Others will be shared in subsequent newsletters.

Hot off the press
(828) 277-0998 micki@gratefulsteps.org

Convict Lake: Behind the Badge

badge ebook home

At this time when law enforcement is being judged by about every aspect of interaction with the public, wouldn’t it be interesting to know what is going on when the officers get together away from work? In Convict Lake, fellow officers share such information around a campfire while enjoying some leisure time on an annual fishing trip. The stories are incredible and true in this creative nonfiction publication.
Humor, murder, tenderness, decapitation, fire, sadness, indifference, anger, thievery, family disputes, stabbings, shootings, riots, serial killers, and human stupidity is the world behind the badge. Journey with five LAPD veteran officers to California’s High Sierra as they discuss the politics, cases, and eccentric personalities of the Los Angeles Police Department. Often heartbreakingly blunt and gruesome, you’ll live and feel the gamut of police work during the height of the 60’s hippie movement to present day.

Convict Lake: Behind the Badge
by Mike Krecioch
ISBN 978-1-935130-96-3
List Price $15.95

Potluck, Message Delivered: “The Great Smoky Mountains are Saved!”

Potluck front cover for web

In 1929, newspapermen from North Carolina and Tennessee hiked from opposite sides of Clingmans Dome, the highest mountain in the Great Smokies, for an important celebration. Although the country was entering the Great Depression, citizens from both states raised enough money to create a new national park. J.R. Horne loaned his homing pigeon, Potluck, for the expedition. After the journalists shook hands across the stateline on Clingmans Dome, they released Potluck to carry their goodwill message home. Both states had come together in a spirit of friendship to protect their precious forests. Inspired by true events, Marci Spencer records Potluck’s historic flight announced the good news to waitiung crowds waiting: “The Great Smoky Mountains are Saved!”

Potluck, Message Delivered: “The Great Smoky Mountains are Saved!”
by Marci Spencer
ISBN 978-1-935130-85-7
List Price $14.95

Deep Blue Kid: Diver Zack and His First Underwater Adventure, by Sam and Zachary Conviser

diver front cover for web

Watch through the eyes of 12-year-old Zachary Conviser as
he learns the science of scuba diving, how to be a safe diver
and how we all can respect the underwater environment.

You will join young Zack as he studies his diver certification
class material, learns with an instructor how to be a safe
diver, and you will go with him as he first enters the myster-
ious, underwater world of the open ocean.

But be careful, you just might learn something about the
depths of the ocean and see some remarkable sights like
Zack's first encounter with a shark, his watching an incredible 
cleaning station and a host of unusual creatures only seen in the
depths of our oceans. 

Deep Blue Kid
by Sam Conviser
ISBN 978-1-935130-53-6
List Price $9.95

St. Augustine Puppy

puppy cover for web

Meet Lilly, a little beagle with a mind of her own, and Lynne, here
loving and caring owner. They live a happy life together
in their home in Tennessee. Soon, their lives are going to be turned
upside down when they take a vacation to St Augustine. When
they return, life will never be the same for Lilly and Lynne.
Enjoy reading
St. Augustine Puppy with your whole family and
take the trip of a lifetime!

St. Augustine Puppy
by Krystal Collins and Lilly
ISBN 978-1-935130-82-6
List Price $9.95


Coming Soon in 2016
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London to Kabul

kabul cover for website copy

When Wayne walked in stoned to the Warren Stanley shoe store in Orlando, Florida, one December day of 1971, he had no idea it would lead him halfway around the world to Afghanistan. Inside the store, a girl from a group called the Children of God approached him and invited him to join them. Needing more than the “peace and love” of the hippie movement of the 1960s and feeling they were in a spiritual void, Wayne and his brother joined the group, a group that gave them a purpose for living.

Many great countries later, Wayne looked into the eyes of an Arab girl, a girl who melted him and loved him like no other. Soon the love between them was all that mattered. Not their backgrounds, not their nationalities, not their religions.

London to Kabul
by Wayne G. Cox
ISBN 978-0-9962490-8-9
List Price $13.95



There is grief hidden behind every hand raised in farewell, every soft bell of laughter. We wear our loss like a winter coat, bodies bowed under the heavy burden. Some flaunt the mound of fur, while others hide in the folds. This collection is for the perspicacious chameleons—the quiet gatherers of stray glances and uncomfortable silences—for the terrariums you carry within your eyes, absorbing the tears of others with your moss-covered lashes. May your homes never shatter.

Visit the author’s

by Abby N. Lewis
ISBN 978-1-935130-88-8
List Price $9.95

This, That and the Third


At first glance, this might appear to be a story about Antoinette Davis, publicly identified as one of the most hated women in America. She is considered the worst type of offender with convictions including sexual servitude of a minor, rape and murder. Her crimes are shocking and incite unquantifiable amounts of animosity and rage against her. I am drawn to her story, compelled to it even. Like the rest of America, I want to understand who she is and how this happened. But what keeps me submerged in this uncomfortable and heavy ocean is the need to understand why. Why Antoinette and not me? – A.H.

Abigail Hickman lives in Asheville, North Carolina, with her husband, Simeon. When she is not researching murders, she teaches Rhetoric and Composition at Mars Hill University and AB Technical Community College. Abigail is a contributing writer to the Mountain Xpress. This, That and the Third is her first published book.

This, That and the Third
by Abigail Hickman
ISBN 978-0-9962490-8-9
List Price $12.95

Sidestepping the Pit

sidestepping front for website

Suddenly, the hand that had been gently, but insistently guiding me forward clenched my shoulder with a viselike grip, and I was forced into a wooded area just beyond the church grounds. I had no way of knowing what was to come, but I whimpered, “I want to go home now.”

Knight Chamberlain was nine years old when he was raped and sodomized by a stranger in 1965. Follow Knight’s confounding, surprising, and ultimately life-affirming journey to forgive his attacker and find the courage to share his story in hopes of helping others.

Sidestepping the Pit
by Knight Chamberlain
ISBN 978-0-9962490-9-6
List Price $9.95

For What We Stay Alive

Alive front cover

A colorfully intriguing collection of poems and photographs.

For What We Stay Alive
by Haley Skeen
ISBN 978-0-9962490-3-4
List Price $9.95

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