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Lionel’s Drum

Lionels Drum Front Cover Final

Lionel’s Drum is a book that shows both children and adults the power of music in transforming lives. Music can transcend gender, age and race by soothing the soul. Lionel’s Drum is what happens when we put down our cell phone, awaken from the glaze of electronics and clap along with the beat.

Lionel’s Drum
by Heath Towson
ISBN 978-1-935130-93-2
List Price $16.95

Zak and Niki: A first look at rising above racism by Cynthia Yancey

Zak and Niki hi res front cover

Zak and Niki is a story of a Southern family’s first encounter with biracial relationship. It is a story of the mother’s response, guided by her belief in the innate goodness of all children. Zak and Niki is about simply and freely rising above the social shackles of racism.

Zak and Niki: A first look at rising above racism
by Cynthia Yancey
ISBN 978-1-935130-90-1
List Price $14.95

Brat: Diary of an Ego State by Alan G. Marshall, Ph.D.

Brat front cover

No one knows how it happens. But for some people who are painfully abused, a separate part of the brain emerges and takes on the portion of the pain that is unbearable. An advantage is that the person does not have to live daily with the keen awareness of the pain, which could destroy his life. A disadvantage is that the pain is not really gone, and causes vague physical and mental symptoms that make no sense minus the memory of the abuse. In this book, that “other” part of the brain keeps a diary, not only of the abuse, but also the therapy that intervenes to help with the healing.

Brat: Diary of an Ego State
by Alan G. Marshall
ISBN 978-1-935130-95-6
List Price $12.95


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Potluck, Message Delivered: “The Great Smoky Mountains are Saved!”

Potluck front cover for web

In 1929, newspapermen from North Carolina and Tennessee hiked from opposite sides of Clingmans Dome, the highest mountain in the Great Smokies, for an important celebration. Although the country was entering the Great Depression, citizens from both states raised enough money to create a new national park. J.R. Horne loaned his homing pigeon, Potluck, for the expedition. After the journalists shook hands across the stateline on Clingmans Dome, they released Potluck to carry their goodwill message home. Both states had come together in a spirit of friendship to protect their precious forests. Inspired by true events, Marci Spencer records Potluck’s historic flight announced the good news to waitiung crowds waiting: “The Great Smoky Mountains are Saved!”

Potluck, Message Delivered: “The Great Smoky Mountains are Saved!”
by Marci Spencer
ISBN 978-1-935130-85-7
List Price $16.95

A Gallery of Ashevilleans

Gallery Front Cover for Web

A Gallery of Ashevilleans chronicles the colorful history of the major city in Western North Carolina, detailing the growth of the town and its brushes with modernity.
In addition, the book contains sketches of the city’s many famous and accomplished sons and daughters. In the political sphere, that includes Zebulon Vance, North Carolina’s popular Civil War governor; Augustus Merrimon, the state’s attorney general during that same war; David Swain, longtime president of the University of North Carolina; and Robert Reynolds, the controversial U.S. Senator, who served from 1933 to 1945.
Mountain folk are the most creative people in America and the Asheville area has made its own significant contributions. In the realm of arts and letters, the book includes a study of not just Thomas Wolfe, but other renowned writers, including Wilma Dykeman, John Ehle, Gail Godwin, Fred Chappell, Robert Morgan, Jim Wayne Miller and Richard Weaver, plus such popular tribunes of the local area as Bob Terrell and John Parris. The stories of well-known musicians Warren Haynes, Nina Simone and Roberta Flack are contained within the pages.
For lighter reading, there is a chapter on sports figures from Asheville, including Charles “Choo Choo” Justice, the legendary, football All-American; Henry Logan, himself an All-American at Western Carolina University; the 1972 Olympiad Mary Montgomery; current UNC basketball coach Roy Williams; and various natives who have raced on the NASCAR circuit.

In all, this book is a tribute to many colorful and
accomplished individuals, all highlighting Asheville and
Western North Carolina’s unique contributions to
American history.

6” x 9”
184 pages


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The Season of Light

light front cover for Web

This story-poem, The Season of Light, is an interfaith, multi-cultural exploration
of the celebration of Light that is common to many spiritual and religious paths
at the same time of the year.

10 x 8.5
104 pages
List Price: $14.95

St. Augustine Puppy

puppy cover for web
Meet Lilly, a little beagle with a mind of her own, and Lynne, here
loving and caring owner. They live a happy life together
in their home in Tennessee. Soon, their lives are going to be turned
upside down when they take a vacation to St Augustine. When
they return, life will never be the same for Lilly and Lynne.
Enjoy reading St. Augustine Puppy with your whole family and
take the trip of a lifetime!

32 pages

Deep Blue Kid: Diver Zack and His First Underwater Adventure, by Sam and Zachary Conviser

diver front cover for web

Watch through the eyes of 12-year-old Zachary Conviser as
he learns the science of scuba diving, how to be a safe diver
and how we all can respect the underwater environment.

You will join young Zack as he studies his diver certification
class material, learns with an instructor how to be a safe
diver, and you will go with him as he first enters the myster-
ious, underwater world of the open ocean.

But be careful, you just might learn something about the
depths of the ocean and see some remarkable sights like
Zack's first encounter with a shark, his watching an incredible 
cleaning station and a host of unusual creatures only seen in the
depths of our oceans. 

Deep Blue Kid
by Sam Conviser
ISBN 978-1-935130-53-6
List Price $9.95

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