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The Advocate

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Advocates come in various forms and speak in many forums. Attorneys advocate to judges, juries, and government officials for a decision in favor of their clients or causes. Individual citizens advocate before town councils and other government tribunals. Parents advocate to school officials on behalf of their children. The sick and their representatives advocate to hospitals and insurance companies for better medical treatment. The falsely accused and wrongfully imprisoned write petitions for themselves or others, seeking a second chance at justice and freedom. Friends and families must sometimes advocate to one another to change or improve the conditions of their relationships.
Jesus advocated to us during his ministry and now advocates to God on our behalf.
A common feature of all advocates is that the outcome of their efforts is not always certain, even if they believe their position is morally or legally correct. Someone else will be making the decision. But what is certain is that for every advocate there is always help and encouragement available, before, during, and after the moment one stands up to speak.
Such help can be found in
The Advocate:Encouragement for those who speak out for others or themselves, by Paul B. Taylor, a former assistant U.S. attorney. He had practiced for many years as a civil litigator representing the United States and its agencies and officers.

The Advocate
by Paul B. Taylor
ISBN 978-0-9962490-7-2
List Price $14.95

Sidestepping the Pit

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Suddenly, the hand that had been gently, but insistently guiding me forward clenched my shoulder with a viselike grip, and I was forced into a wooded area just beyond the church grounds. I had no way of knowing what was to come, but I whimpered, “I want to go home now.”

Knight Chamberlain was nine years’ old when he was raped and sodomized by a stranger in 1965. Follow Knight’s confounding, surprising, and ultimately life-affirming journey to forgive his attacker and find the courage to share his story in hopes of helping others.

Sidestepping the Pit
by Knight Chamberlain
ISBN 978-0-9962490-9-6
List Price $9.95

London to Kabul

kabul front cover for web

When Wayne walked in stoned to the Warren Stanley shoe store in Orlando, Florida, one December day of 1971, he had no idea it would lead him halfway around the world to Afghanistan. Inside the store, a girl from a group called the Children of God approached him and invited him to join them. Needing more than the “peace and love” of the hippie movement of the 1960s and feeling they were in a spiritual void, Wayne and his brother joined the group, a group that gave them a purpose for living.

Many great countries later, Wayne looked into the eyes of an Arab girl, a girl who melted him and loved him like no other. Soon the love between them was all that mattered. Not their backgrounds, not their nationalities, not their religions.

About the Author

Wayne Cox left the Children of God when he returned to America in 1978. He sold real estate in Florida, landscaped in Kuwait and worked as an avionics technician on private and commercial aircraft. He and his wife and children live in North Carolina.

London to Kabul
by Wayne G. Cox
ISBN #978-1-935130-70-3
List Price: $13.95

Convict Lake: Behind the Badge

badge ebook home

At this time when law enforcement is being judged by about every aspect of interaction with the public, wouldn’t it be interesting to know what is going on when the officers get together away from work? In Convict Lake, fellow officers share such information around a campfire while enjoying some leisure time on an annual fishing trip. The stories are incredible and true in this creative nonfiction publication.
Humor, murder, tenderness, decapitation, fire, sadness, indifference, anger, thievery, family disputes, stabbings, shootings, riots, serial killers, and human stupidity is the world behind the badge. Journey with five LAPD veteran officers to California’s High Sierra as they discuss the politics, cases, and eccentric personalities of the Los Angeles Police Department. Often heartbreakingly blunt and gruesome, you’ll live and feel the gamut of police work during the height of the 60’s hippie movement to present day.

Convict Lake: Behind the Badge
by Mike Krecioch
ISBN 978-1-935130-96-3
List Price $15.95

Potluck, Message Delivered: “The Great Smoky Mountains are Saved!”

Potluck front cover for web

In 1929, newspapermen from North Carolina and Tennessee hiked from opposite sides of Clingmans Dome, the highest mountain in the Great Smokies, for an important celebration. Although the country was entering the Great Depression, citizens from both states raised enough money to create a new national park. J.R. Horne loaned his homing pigeon, Potluck, for the expedition. After the journalists shook hands across the stateline on Clingmans Dome, they released Potluck to carry their goodwill message home. Both states had come together in a spirit of friendship to protect their precious forests. Inspired by true events, Marci Spencer records Potluck’s historic flight announced the good news to waitiung crowds waiting: “The Great Smoky Mountains are Saved!”

Potluck, Message Delivered: “The Great Smoky Mountains are Saved!”
by Marci Spencer
ISBN 978-1-935130-85-7
List Price $14.95

The Journey of Carlo Martini

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Carlo Martini’s love of music began in childhood. He had music in his mind and in his heart every moment as far back as he can remember. When he was little, he liked to go to the movies and dream. The singers and actors became his idols. He set out on a path, not only to be a singer and actor himself but also to personally meet as many of those idols as possible. This book is the story of his success in fulfilling his dream.

The Journey of Carlo Martini
by Carlo Franco Martini
ISBN 978-1-935130-18-5
List Price $14.95

The Nog Story: A Tale about the Origin of Eggnog

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A beautifully illustrated and heartwarming folk tale about a family in Ohio raising “pods” from which eggnog is created. The book promotes imagination, annual celebration, and goodwill among friends and neighbors.

The Nog Story: A Tale about the Origin of Eggnog
Written by Gail C. Heller, Illustrated by Stephanie Tian
ISBN 978-1-945714-05-4
List Price $9.95

This That and The Third

thirdcoverforwebsite copy2
This, That and the Third analyzes a crime that shattered the Fayetteville, North Carolina, community in 2009 when five-year-old Shaniya Davis was allegedly sold by her mother, Antoinette Davis, to cover a $200 drug debt she owed to the man who then raped and murdered the child.
Hickman digs to uncover the difference between Antoinette Davis and herself through narrative journalism, relying on research and autobiography to weave the facts surrounding the crime into a meaningful discussion of the difference between a monster and a saint.
Davis is considered the worst type of offender with convictions including sexual-servitude of a minor, rape and murder. Hickman, compelled by the complexities surrounding the crime, attempts to understand the distance between Davis’ life and her own and reaches an unsettling conclusion.

Author Abigail Hickman teaches Composition and Rhetoric at Mars Hill University and AB Tech Community College.

This, That and the Third
by Abigail Hickman
ISBN 978-0-9962490-8-9
List Price $12.95



There is grief hidden behind every hand raised in farewell, every soft bell of laughter. We wear our loss like a winter coat, bodies bowed under the heavy burden. Some flaunt the mound of fur, while others hide in the folds. This collection is for the perspicacious chameleons—the quiet gatherers of stray glances and uncomfortable silences—for the terrariums you carry within your eyes, absorbing the tears of others with your moss-covered lashes. May your homes never shatter.

After earning an associate degree from Walters State Community College, Abby N. Lewis made her way to East Tennessee State University, where she is pursuing a B.A. in English. She lives in Dandridge, Tennessee.

“. . . a wonderfully thoughtful and original volume of work.”
– Nancy Dillingham,
Thanks for the Dark But That’s Not Home,
poems and stories

Reticent Paperback
Abby N. Lewis
List price: $9.95

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Sacred Connections Horsemanship

Horse front Cover for web

What if . . .
you felt safe galloping down hills . . .
you could ride your horse anywhere . . .

and riding was all you’d ever dreamed it would be?

Sacred Connections Horsemanship shows you how to create a loving, empowered partnership with your horse. Within this book is a step-by-step, logical approach to understanding and working with the horse through the wisdom of chakra energy. The method includes a system of communication using a language the horse can understand and a non-interfering way of riding that creates a healthy flow of energy between horse and rider. Here you will discover the secrets of creating the safe, cooperative, fun, happy horse you’ve always dreamed of riding.
This book is for the rider who wants more than a horse that submits. For the horseman or woman who wants more than playing games. For those who wish a deep, empowering connection with the horse’s mind, body and spirit . . .
is a step-by-step, logical approach to understanding and working with the horse through the wisdom of chakra energy. The method includes a system of communication using a language the horse can understand and a non-interfering way of riding that creates a healthy flow of energy between horse and rider. Here you will discover the secrets of creating the safe, cooperative, fun, happy horse you’ve always dreamed of riding.
This book is for the rider who wants more than a horse that submits. For the horseman or woman who wants more than playing games. For those who wish a deep, empowering connection with the horse’s mind, body and spirit . . .

Sacred Connections Horsemanship:
Empowering Horse and Rider through Chakra Energy

by Catherine Hunter
ISBN 978-1-935130-80-2
List Price $18.95

Who’s Got Your Back?

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In Who’s Got Your Back?, engaging characters are rising to the best within themselves as each one faces different and very real issues in life—among them single parenting and parental rejection, childhood incest revealed as an adult and the painful transformations that accompany major illness within the family. They draw the reader into a depth common to each of us. It is through these specific issues of life we each encounter that we are challenged to make choices, and it is through these choices that we manifest and become who we are in this world. Who’s Got Your Back? powerfully expresses the gamut of emotions from the dearest, innocent humor and tenderness of childhood to the soaring loves and sorrows throughout adult life. Pulled together by a young girl named Pauli, these characters face life’s realities with courage and strength. They bond with moving loyalty, such that the reader is left with an ever present beacon of hope and optimism. Who’s Got Your Back? is a novel that will remain within the reader’s heart.

Barbara Duncan founded and was director of The R.E.A.C.H. Centre, Reach Every Adult and Child to Heal, 1990-2007, in Williamsburg, Virginia, where she provided counseling for individuals, couples and families and specialized in the treatment of child abuse in all its forms. Her practice was featured as the “Healing Segment” of
Scared Silent, a nationally aired television documentary on all forms of child abuse, hosted by Oprah Winfrey, 1992. Barbara’s warmth, her belief in our inner wisdom and her enthusiasm for life are reflected in Who’s Got Your Back? She retired to Asheville, North Carolina, in 2007, where she lives with her husband, Russ, and their five small dogs. Sunsets over the mountains are especially meaningful to them.

Who’s Got Your Back?
by Barbara B. Duncan
ISBN 978-1-945714-13-9
List Price $14.95

Bent 31 Poems

bent cover smaller hi res for web

If I am in the chocolate dress,
If I am showing knee,
If I slap the mosquito on my leg,
and I am free
and climbing up the loft
to fetch another book,
then I feel most alive.

– from “Bent”

T.A. Price lives in Rutherfordton, North Carolina where she has enjoyed a long career as a distinguished teacher and school administrator.  A former feature writer for The Mountain Breeze, Price has also received first place awards for poetry in The Anuran and in Reflections literary magazines. She has been published in: WNC Woman, Rutherford County News, Survivor's Review, The Advocate, Fictionique, Open Salon (Scupper), and Our Salon. Prior publications include two chapbooks, and one collection of verse, Perennial Heart.

Foreword by Ron Rash
“. . . clearly one of our state’s best poets.”

Bent 31 Poems
by T.A. Price
List Price $9.95

Drunks, Monks and Mental Illness . . . based on a lie

MONKS COVER front cover for web

Rachel faces the obstacle of addiction. For most of her early life, she hid in the far corners of her mind. As a young child, she was brutally victimized by her red-headed monster, Ollie, and was afraid to come out from under her bed of fear. She continued to pile more and more blankets on that bed with unhealthy relationships, hard living, drugging and denial until finally she had the courage to crawl out from under that weight. That began her journey of recovery.

This book gives a glimpse into the raw, naked, heart-wrenching world of addiction and the struggle to return from the depths of trauma and tragedy. Though fiction, it is a true-to-life example of one woman’s journey from brokenness to picking up her own pieces, while trying to help others pick up theirs. This intriguing tale of self-medicating the torment of mental illness, takes place in the heart of the Western North Carolina recovery community. – Vernetta Eleazer, MS, LCAS,
CCS Director: Swain Recovery Center

Barbara Willis Kimbrell is first and foremost a believer in change. A licensed, clinical,substance-abuse counselor with her Masters in social work, she has witnessed change firsthand. Her own struggles are a testimony to her conviction that life’s scars are part of one’s identity and do not need to be concealed. She is a daughter, sister, mother, grandmother and loving partner to a wonderful man. She is the proud daughter of a Russian immigrant. She has two dogs, Gizmo and Satchmo. She lives in Asheville, North Carolina.

Drunks, Monks and Mental Illness
by Barbara Willis Kimbrell
List Price $12.95

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