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Grateful Steps proudly announces
The Asheville Art Book
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Introducing the Asheville Art Book.
The Asheville Art Book will be a first-of-its-kind guide to the quality and variety of artwork produced in Asheville, North Carolina. It will serve as a representative sample designed to document this significant moment in the life of Asheville’s art community, and as a showcase meant to bring the attention of the larger art world to what our little corner of it has to offer. And it's all of that in one volume!
Please help us out by donating via the button at the top of the page. A $20 donation is effectively a pre-order for the paperback edition; A $100 donation is a pre-order for the hardcover edition (which won't be available for retail sale); it also qualifies you for recognition in the book itself. Chip in $500 or more, and you'll the hardcover edition, mention in the book, and invites to all our launch events. 
We're counting on you and everyone else who supports the arts in Asheville to help get this book to press!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Asheville Art Book:

  • When will the book come out?

    We expect to release the book in January 2013.

  • What is the purpose of the Asheville Art Book?

    Our first goal is to publish a book that captures the depth and diversity of Asheville’s arts community, something that’s never been done before. (Crazy, right? We didn’t believe it either.) We also want to document this moment in the life of our community. Finally, we hope to put together a showcase that will attract attention from buyers of art (gallery owners, collectors, interior designers) across the country.

  • What’s in the book?

    The book will feature the artwork of 100 2-D artists who live in Asheville or who show here—artwork reproduced on high-quality paper, in full color. In addition it will introduce readers to the history and future of Asheville art through essays written by Connie Bostic and Ursula Gullow.

  • How were artists selected?

    We chose the artists to include though a careful, three-step process that included:
    • Soliciting recommendations from local gallery owners and others associated with the Asheville art community.
    • Taking further suggestions from the writers on this project — Connie Bostic, local artist and art historian; Ursula Gullow, a local artist and art journalist; and Moni Hill, a local artist who curated the recent Waking Up With Van Gogh exhibit at the Hickory Art Museum.
    • Narrowing the list to what we believed was the best representative sample, and then handing that final list over to an advisory panel who helped us make sure that we had not overlooked anyone whose work could help us present the diversity and quality of the visual art produced in our community.

  • What type of art will you include? What about other types?

    This book will focus on two-dimensional art, with a few artists included who cross the boundaries between two dimensions and multimedia, installations, and sculpture. By limiting ourselves like this, we realize we’re just scratching the surface, and we hope to make a series of books about the all the fine artists and craft artists who call Western North Carolina home.

  • Is this meant to be a definitive catalogue of Asheville artists?

    No. Our aim is to assemble a representative sample of Asheville artists in order to showcase the variety and quality of artwork produced here. Our local art scene is constantly changing and growing, and it would be impossible to capture every aspect of it in a single volume. At the same time, we do feel this book will generate interest in our local art scene both inside and outside of Western North Carolina.

  • This is a big undertaking. Are you people crazy?

    In a word, yes. But no crazier than the artists who have dedicated themselves to bringing their work into the world, and who have helped Asheville become the unique and wonderful place it is.
  • How can I get a copy?

    That's easy! Donate $20 to our campaign, and you'll have effectively pre-ordered a paperback copy of the book. Donate $100, and you'll get the deluxe hardcover edition—which won't be available for retail sale.

  • Where can I go to find out more?

    Visit our website at And we’re happy to field questions at

  • This sounds like a great project! How can I help?

    At this point, we need donations more than anything else. We’re counting on community support to make a beautiful book about Asheville art, and we’d love to get your support in particular.
  • Who is Grateful Steps?

    Founded in 2005, Grateful Steps is a non-profit, independent, traditional publisher located in downtown Asheville. Our mission is to put Asheville before the eyes of the wider world, and to broadcast to audiences in Asheville the unheard voices of our community—all by means of the book. Learn more at

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