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At some point, all of us will look back on our experiences, remembering the life-altering events that moulded us into who we are . . . and sometimes, those events never happen.

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Born May 23, 1977, Steven Cox grew up in Concord, NC. Life was rough, but is was also fun. He moved to Burnsville, NC, when he was 15. Life in a small mountain town wasn’t any easier, but it never got less fun either. Steven currently lives in Asheville, NC, working as a sous chef in one of the better joints near one of the rivers. Been through it a few times. Hopes to write a bunch more books . . . for many reasons.

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Peter Carl Graffagnino was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, February 14, 1916, where he attended Tulane University as an undergraduate and medical student. During his residency at Cornell University in New York, he decided to join the Army. He spent the next two years as a 1st Lt. Army medic in training at a series of Army posts, including Fort Benning outside of Columbus, Georgia, and Fort Devens near Boston, Massachusetts.

In the fall of 1942 while at Fort Devens he met and married Jane Drury of Leominster, Massachusetts, only to ship out the following summer from Hampton Roads, VA, aboard the U.S.S. Thomas Jefferson to join the Allied war effort in Sicily and Italy.

He returned home during the summer of 1945 after two years overseas, only to be hospitalized, requiring shock treatments to deal with severe trauma suffered during his experiences in the war. After a complete and remarkable recovery he returned to New Orleans to complete his medical training in Obstetrics and Gynecology. In 1950 he moved with his wife and their two young sons to Columbus, Georgia, where he set up a highly successful medical practice, going on to become a revered member of the local community.

During his years in Columbus, Dr. Graff served as Editor of the
Muscogee County Medical Bulletin from 1962 until he retired from his medical practice in 1981. He and Jane then sold their home on Lookout Dr. and moved to nearby Hamilton, Georgia, where they had bought property and built their retirement home.

Before he could fulfill his retirement dream of writing, hunting, fishing and enjoying visits from his growing troop of grandchildren, he died in January of 1984, just shy of his 68th birthday.