Craggy Minimum Security Unit formerly Buncombe Correctional Center (BCC)) is a prison of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. It is located in Buncombe County, north of Asheville on Highway 251 North. Minimum Security means there are no high fences or walls around the facility, and wardens and supervisors are not armed. The purpose, other than to provide a facility where individuals may serve their appointed time, is to provide opportunity and programs aimed at helping inmates prepare for a successful release with the lowest possibility of recidivism.

The Purpose of BCC/CRC
The central purpose of BCC's CRC is to encourage and facilitate nongovernmental community involvement with each inmate to help him attain spiritual growth, emotional maturation and improved life prospects.

Principally, such programs, whether conveyed via individual volunteers or by community organizations, will offer educational, vocational, volitional and spiritual tools and support to assist the inmate to achieve freedom from the criminal justice system.


The measure of the CRC's success will be that of reduced recidivism to prison, and we hope that we will eventually be able to demonstrate concrete cost-effectiveness, as well as the less quantifiable, but even more important goal of reduction in human suffering.

We intend to always be motivated and informed by love, which has been defined (by M. Scott Peck) as: "The will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth."

General state of BCC prisoners
There are presently 182 inmates at BCC. More than half of these inmates have not completed high school. These men will be eligible for release within five years. If they are to find work to support their families and to live responsibly in society on their release, they need to upgrade their education and to receive moral and ethical guidance now.