Katherine A. Stanley

Hi! Welcome to my website for A Book of Bullies. My name is Katherine Stanley and, unfortunately, I am an expert on bullies. I was ridiculed and bullied for many years in school. It was hurtful and made me feel bad about myself. I decided to use all those bad experiences and turn them into something good - this book. Bullies will target anyone! I was born with a rare condition called Prader-Willi syndrome, for which there is no cure. Some of the bullying that I experienced was because I am different. But we are all different in some ways. I have seen a lot of other people get bullied too.
I am very passionate about the message in my book - STOP BULLYING AND BE KINDER TO EACH OTHER! I hope you will read
A Book of Bullies and join with me to make bullying a thing of the past.

Bully front cover

In A Book of Bullies you will find a whole cast of bully characters - the Tough Guy Bully, The Comedian Bully, The Cool Girl Bully, The Gossip Bully and more. If you have ever known a bully you will probably find them in A Book of Bullies.